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Al Di Meola


  4688 Ft




New Studio Album, released 23rd February, 2018


CD: 15 EUR   &    2LP: 25 EUR


Track list

1. Milonga Noctiva: Wandering in the Dark (feat. Kemuel Roig)
2. Broken Heart
3. Ava's Dream Sequence Lullaby
4. Cerreto Sannita (feat. Kemuel Roig)
5. Notorious
6. Frozen In Time
7. Escapado
8. Pomp
9. Left unsaid
10. Insieme
11. Rebels (feat. Kemuel Roig)

With a curriculum vitae rich of exciting musical moments and incredible works, Al Di Meola is still challenging himself and his music but with a more relaxed way to see things. Over the last few years he has literally started all over, reinventing himself in both, his private life and music, and his brand new studio album OPUS truly reflects all of this. 'With OPUS I wanted to further my compositional skills as I think that the evolution of this part of my persona has labeled me more composer/guitarist than guitarist/composer', says Al. 'At the same time this record also marks a new era in my life. For the first time in my life, I have written music being happy, I'm in a wonderful relationship with my wife, I have a baby girl and a beautiful family that inspires me every day. I believe it shows in the music.' Available on CD, 180 gram Vinyl and Digital.


Opus is the best album to date that Al Di Meola has produced. His music keeps developing in depth, quality and multifaceted. I felt a whole range of emotions listening to this album ranging from happiness, excitement, tenderness, and feeling every note with my heart more so than my ears! I don’t think Al Di Meola will ever reach his pinnacle inasmuch as each work exceeds the previous one. The CD cover is so suitable. It elegantly exemplifies the music Royalty that is Al Di Meola.







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Javasolt ár: 4688 Ft
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Kiadó: Edel
A kiadás dátuma: 2018
Stílusok jazz
Katalógus szám: 4029759123712

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