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The songs of Bez Peří (Without Feathers) started developing in 1995 when the singer and bass guitarist David K. P., the guitarist Mr. Kinderwagen and the drummer Jiří Chocholoušek started to cooperate. But, in fact, Bez Peří as a band started to work in 1996 after being enlarged by the second guitarist Marketa Ďurica. The 1996 was also the year when our first gig took place. Thanks to our friendship with a popular band Houpací Koně we played many concerts all around the Czech republic in 1997 which helped us to become known as a wild, aggressive, energetic live band. You will not lack feedbacking guitars, quick almost punk songs and on the other hand "pop-like" melodies and lyrics full of love, sadness, loneliness. According to the concerts, there are 30 - 50 gigs a year performed all around » show more


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