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Mashy Muxx

  € 2.99


      The second album of the Brno-based outfit presents an unbelievably rich sound composed of live instruments functionally interconnected with inventive samples. The tracks feature elements of contemporary dance music, funk, hip hop, jazz, and rock, but also hardcore.

Mashy Muxx was formed in 1993. Since 1998, the line-up is: Ahmed (bass), Jerza (vocals), Jura (guitar), Onehalph (drums), and Prochin (guitar). You might have noticed Mashy Muxx drummer Onehalph in the cult drumnjazznbass formation Radium.nfo (Released Track, 2002, Indies Records). Five years have passed since the Mashy Muxx self-released debut CD "Sound - The Prompt Communicator" (2001). "We somehow didn’t have any reason to hurry :) It’s also true, that there was a long unplanned delay in mixing of the album. Anyway, we hope that the next record will come sooner than 2011 :)". (Jerza)

After the prolonged silence, Mashy Muxx is back with an outstanding record. It presents an uncommon approach to music – rap vocals, elegant and witty crossover of heavy riffs with funk-based rhythms and guitar parts, both live and programmed beats, and touches of acid, dub, alternative pop, and hip hop. That’s certainly something you don‘t find very often. The album also contains a track with the Slovak hip hop crew the Flaps. The visual side is fine-tuned as well – the album cover is dominated by a floating toy duck. "Well, what would you consider a typical symbol for our style of music? Skulls have already been used too many times :)" (Jura)

Variety of genres prevents the band’s music from being easily described. "It’s pretty difficult to sort us somewhere. We used to describe our music as ‘hip hop, breaks and hardcore‘, nowadays we use ‘crossover‘, because it is shorter and more vague. The advantage is that we can perform at multi-genre festivals, as well as at hip hop, rock, and hardcore events." (Jerza)


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Label: Indies Scope
Release date: 2006
Genres electronichardcoreraprockcrossover
Cat. No.: MAM303-2


# name time preview free
01 just like that 04:37
02 never satisfied 04:56
03 wild tartas 05:45
04 relegate 04:44
05 2-style 04:59
06 congratulationz 03:54
07 what you ain't 05:20
08 once upon a time 03:27
09 it doesn't matter anyhow 05:01
10 proxy lovers 05:17
11 Muxx vs. Flaps 03:53